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Music Data Reimagined

Music Analytics  •  Discovery  •  Catalogue Management

Unleashing the power of data modeling to redefine the capabilities of music data.

Music Data + You

We believe smarter data will revolutionize the way you enjoy,

interact with, and make decisions about music.

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Discover more creators behind the music, and build new discoveries in seconds.

Listeners have more control than ever with our interactive metadata.


Enhance recognition and visibility for the creators behind the music. Our interactive metadata places creators first, ensuring proper credit is given for their work.

Content Providers

Make smarter spending decisions for your licensed content that incorporates music with our next-generation data insights. Drive innovative experiences and engagement with confidence, based on rich behavioral analytics.

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The Problem

Music metadata has not reached its full potential.

Standard relational digital music data management has inadvertently 

concealed the impact of the creators and personnel behind the music.

The traditional structure for managing digital music data is limited in how it can leverage the millions of music tracks in existence, as well as the ever-growing roster of creators behind the music.

We believe that the capabilities of music data are being underutilized, and we have built a proprietary metadata framework to change that.


Using non-relational data architecture, we are able to access nodes and relationships that quickly traverse millions of connections per second. This architecture allows us to extensively model scenarios defined by the connections behind the music, such as frequent collaborators and genre affinities. 

As a result, our users are enabled to go further than any option on the market, to go as deep as they want to discover new music, artists, and collaborations.



Our Product Suite

Taking Music Data Further


App & Widget 

Leveraging our curated, non-relationally indexed music data to generate

best in class solutions for consumers, creators, and content providers.




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